Jyoti Naoki EriArtist / Director of the ONE ASIA project

Swayam, Auroville, Tamil Nadu 605101 INDIA

L; +91(0)413-2622711
M; +91(0)9489887192

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  1. mandar pounikar

    i aspire your work, and i wish to work as an undergraduate intern, because there is so much to learn from you…can you please provide the details for the same. whether you take interns or not….thank you

  2. Yutaka Tsunoda

    Dear Mr. Jyoti Naoki Eri

    I work for a TV programs production company based in Tokyo, Japan.

    Now I’m looking for Japanese persons in foreign countries, leading hard lives to make their dreams come true or having unique jobs, who can appear on the TV program Gutto Chikyubin (telecasted by Yomiuri Television, every Sunday from 10:25 a.m. to 10:55 a.m.). Gutto Chikyubin introduces their careers and the bonds between them and their families in Japan.

    If you are interested in this TV program, could you please contact me at the e-mail address below?

    Thank you.

    FREED Co., Ltd.
    chiyodaku hirakawacyo,2-14-7 Tokyo, Japan
    +81-03-5226-8855  F)+81-03-3234-6600
    Tsunoda Yutaka [email protected]

  3. Paul Burke

    Jyoti Eri Naoki san,

    My name is Paul. I’m a trainer working for a major Japanese company in Tokyo.

    Recently, I have been trying to build the creativity levels of our software development employees. We have decided to run a trial training program in our technology campus in Bengaluru. In the training, we will explore creativity, awakening the right brain, use Lego and other tools to try to stimulate innovation and creativity. As part of this, we’re exploring ways to bring a touch of Japanese culture to our Indian employees; tea ceremony, calligraphy, craftsmanship etc.

    Judging by your website and history, it seems that you could be the right person to play a part in this, and we’d love to have you come and work with our people in Bengaluru. Please email me about this and, if you’re interested and available, let’s set up a meeting to explore this further.

    Thanks and regards, Paul


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