Performing Artists

Saturday 15th
from 6:30pm

Sung-Pil YANG – South Korea
Accompanied by Jaeseung Sin

Sungpil Yang was born in Daegu, South Korea. Since he was very young he had a deep affinity with Korean traditional music. His interest lead him to study music seriously for Daegeum – Korean Bamboo flute.
He holds a Master’s degree with a major in Music Education from Youngnam University, Doctoral degree with a major in Musicology from Keimyung University in Daegu, Korea. He completed the performer’s course of an important intangible cultural asset no. 45. He has performed solo recitals ten times and released four solo albums.
Played solo on various international stages. He has created challenging music which crosses over the boundary of the art.
He is also very active in collaborating with different contemporary musicians to enlarge his capacity and he seeks the possibility in Daegeum music.


Faiyaz Wasifuddin DAGAR – Delhi, India

Renowned Dhrupad Singer Ustad Faiyaz Wasifuddin Dagar represents the twentieth unbroken generation of musicians of the Dagar family.
He is the nephew and son of DAGAR BROTHERS (Ud. N.Zahiruddin & Ud. N.Faiyazuddin).
He brought Dhrupad  to the world music scene with his CD recorded for UNESCO, that is considering including Dhrupad in the list of World Intangible Heritage.
He has performed at several prestigious venues around the world.
President of the Dhrupad Society, he is dedicated to preserving Dhrupad in its purity. He has a dedicated group of Indian and Foreign students. In 2010 the Government of India conferred  the“Padma Shri” upon him for his contribution to Dhrupad.


Tuesday 18th
from 6:30pm

Keiin YOSHIMURA – Tokyo, Japan
Accompanied by Soh Sugiura

Keiin is a performer, choreographer and art director of Kamigata-mai dance from Tokyo, Japan
Kamigata-mai is an art form which opened the profound sacred dance and music to the wider public in the Edo period (1603 – 1867) in Japan.
She has learned and practiced not only Kamigata-mai but also various types of Japanese traditional culture, performances, martial arts, subtle energy practices, western traditional cultures and Yoga.

In ONE ASIA 2012, Keiin will be accompanied by a Shamisen lute player Soh Sugiura. They will perform two traditional Kamigatamai pieces; “Yashima” and “Yuki”.

Parvathy BAUL – Bengal, India
Accompanied by Laxman das BAUL

Parvathy has started her Baul music practice since she was a painting student at Tagore International University, Shantiniketan, West Bengal.
She is a full time Sadhika (practitioner) and the one of the very few women who could withstand the hardship of the practitioner’s way of living.
For over a period of 14 years she has been traveling to meet masters of Bengal music traditions as a part of her search for Baul songs and its practice. These songs deals with universal love, Human body and universe, and denies all the human made boundaries in life and practice.
She is also the event initiator for “Tantidhatri International Women’s Performing Arts Festival”

Thursday 20th
from 6:30pm

Xin-Xin WANG – Taiwan

Born in Quanzho, Fujian, Wang Xinxin began learning Nanguan music at the age of four and then graduated from the Department of Nanguan Music, Fujian Academy of Arts, mastering many musical instruments and famous for her singing.
Wang Shin-shin worked before as music director for the Han Tang Yuefu Ensemble and now as art director for the Sing Sing Nanguan Company.  In 1995, she won the Annual Golden Tripod Award for the Best Singer.  In 2004, Nostalgia in Moonlight won for her the Taiwan Golden Melody Award for The Best Aboriginal Popular Music Album Award, while she herself was nominated for the Best Album Producer Award.
In recent years, Wang Shin-shin has been teaching in the Graduate Institute of Musicology at National Taiwan University, the Chinese Music Department at National Taiwan University of Arts, the Graduate School of Theatre Performance and the Department of Traditional Music at Taipei National University of the Arts.

Grace GITADELILA & Savitri MAYA – Auroville, India

    Grace grew up in Pondicherry/ Auroville: Tamil-Nadu.
She studied Bharathanatyam in Kalekshetra Madras/Chennai.
Studied  Ballet/Contemporary/Modern Jazz Dance in Holland and West-Africa taught her the origins of authentic Movement and its Intentions.
Savitri Maya was born in Auroville and studied dance with Grace. Being a professional Bharathanatyam Dancer and a graduate of the Attakkalari Contemporary Dance School of Bangalore, she will perform in this event together with Grace Nirantara Samarpanam: Repeated Act of Giving. A Contemporary Narrative of the Kolam.
Sasikanth from Pondicherry / Australia is an Art, Photo and Videography Teacher, for this production he has created the multimedia. Danny Becher, a musician residing in Holland, composed all the wonderful music for Nirantara Samarpanam.

Shabnam Virmani Bangalore, India (On 16th Talk & Film Screening)

 Shabnam is a well known film director and Kabir singer from Bangalore. First, she was shooting some films about Kabir singers and then she started her Kabir music practice from the remarkable Kabir masters.
She wishes to convey the spirit of Kabir in this modern and unique way.
On the 16th, there will be a free talk & singing session in Satsanga style with Shabnam, other participating artists and the audience after the film screening.

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