Jyoti Naoki Eri was born in a renowned artist family in Kyoto, Japan.

He spent 10 years for traditional sculpture apprenticeship under the guidance of two accomplished sculpture masters in Tokyo and Kyoto.
And then, his spiritual aspiration lead him to travel to India, Nepal and Tibet.

He discovered Auroville -A universal township in making- in 2005 and decided to become a permanent member of Auroville.

He has started the ONE ASIA project in 2010 in order to contribute the cultural richness and profound spirituality of Asia to the today’s world.

江里尚樹(Jyot i Naoki Eri )來自於京都極負盛名的藝術世家。濡染於傳統日本美學的極致工藝之中,江里尚樹開始探詢何謂永恆之美。在走訪了印度、尼泊爾、以及西藏之後,江里尚樹於2005年選擇定居在南印度的曙光村(Auroville),在自己築構的茶屋之中濡墨揮毫、讀書思考,並在2010年便開始了「ONE ASIA」計畫,廣邀亞洲間的傳統藝術名家表演,集結亞洲的藝術精神,共同發揚亞洲文化之美。仕自從2010年「ONE ASIA」計畫落實以來,許多來自亞洲各個不同國家的音樂家、舞者、詩人、視覺藝術家、茶師、武術師、蘇菲禪者、花道師等等,都紛紛加入了「ONE ASIA」計畫,江里尚樹希望「ONE ASIA」計畫能夠再帶入更多的傳統藝術家,共同創造一個新的多元性概念。「ONE ASIA」計畫創造了一個文化交流的平台,也與世界分享了亞洲藝術文化的探索與發現。其中潛在的一致性的美感,將能帶領人類進入更明亮、更真實、更扎實的新紀元。

江里尚樹 – Jyoti
2005年より、南インドの国際都市、オーロヴィルを拠点に芸術活動、またONE ASIA project を主宰し文化活動、社会活動を行なう。



Jyoti’s artist portfolio:


3 thoughts on “Founder/Director

  1. Loredana Zega

    I’m calligrapher from Slovenia – Europe…
    Calligraphy is my passion and love for over 20 years. In these years I’ve been researching new calligraphy techiques and styles,
    working for many national institutions and private clients and been awarded in England for my unique Calligraphic lamp…
    Recently I also created a very special visual art performance Dance the letters!, which is full of live performing calligraphy into flour
    and writing – dancing calligraphy with unusual tools. The links to the u tube videos from the performance to be found in my website…
    I would love to exhibit or even perform also in India…

    Kind regards, Loredana Zega

    1. jyoti Post author

      Hello Loredana, thanks for your message.
      Could you share with us about your project?
      It will be nice if you could send us the link of your web page and youtube link.
      Look forward to explore your creative world.
      Good days ahead!
      ONE ASIA project


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