Kakuzo Tenshin Okakura

Kakuzo Okakura on ASIA

The Ideals of the East
“Asia is one. The Himalayas divide, only to accentuate, two mighty civilisations, the Chinese with its communism of Confucius, and the Indian with its individualism of the Vedas. But not even the snowy barriers can interrupt for one moment that broad expanse of love for the Ultimate and Universal, which is the common thought-inheritance of every Asiatic race, enabling them to produce all the great religions of the world, and distinguishing them from those maritime peoples of the Mediterranean and the Baltic, who love to dwell on the Particular, and to search out the means, not the end, of life……” – Kakuzo Tenshin Okakura (published by E.P. Dutton & Co., New York, 1903, p.1)

4 thoughts on “Kakuzo Tenshin Okakura

  1. winarta adisubrata

    ideals of the east is definitely ead ”the’ book to be is ‘must read’.

    i recalled when President Sukarno quoted itin one of his speeches :’Asia is one.’ Based on his conviction he molded Indonesia as one country and one people though with diversities ethnically, culturally and what not .

    1. jyoti Post author

      Thank you very much for your comments. I am glad that you read Okakura’s “Ideals of the East”. We are fortunate since we have great forerunners in Asia to bring light of Unity into this part of the world. We need to carry on their pioneering effort. Please let us know where we can get more idea about the President Skarno’s speech in English specially his quote about Okakura. Thank you very much.
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