Film Screening, Talk & Workshop

Film Screening
Koi Sunta Hai (Someone is Listening)”
On 16th from 5:15pm
Directed by Shabnam Virmani / Duration: 96 min
Chalo Hamara Des (Come to my Country)”
On 19th from 5:15pm
Directed by Shabnam Virmani / Duration: 98 min /  at the Video room, 1F, the IIC conference building

Shabnam is a well known film director and Kabir singer from Bangalore. First, she was shooting some films about Kabir singers and then she started her Kabir music practice from the remarkable Kabir masters.
She wishes to convey the spirit of Kabir in this modern and unique way.
On the 16th, there will be a free talk & singing session in Satsanga style with Prahlad Tipanya and Shabnam after the film screening.


Film Screening

Road map of Yasin as a Painter

by Assem Asha (Delhi, India)
On17th from 6:15pm at the Video room, 1F, the IIC conference building

 *Please find the synopsis at the below.


“Creative Life with Kolam” by Grace Gitadelila from Auroville
On 16th from 3:30pm at The New Art Gallery, 2F, the IIC conference building

Calligraphy Workshop

Calligraphy Workshop

Sat. 15th Dharmesh Jadeja [Devanagari contemporary]
Sun. 16th Grace Gitadelila [Kolam workshop with multimedia tool]
Mon. 17th Idermurun Khurelbaatar  [Mongolian traditional calligraphy]
Tue. 18th Qamar Dagar [Urdu /Hindi contemporary]
Wed. 19th Keiin Yoshimura [Japanese traditional calligraphy] + Werner Sasse [live calligraphy performance]
Thu. 20th Narendra Srivastav [Lecture on his typography work]
Everyday from 3:30pm ~ 5pm

at the New Art Gallery, 2F, the IIC conference building

Chalo Hamara Des
A journey in search of the des (country) invoked in the poetry of the 15th century mystic poet of north India – Kabir – this film interweaves the stories of two people from two very different countries, Indian folk singer Prahlad Tipanya and North American scholar Linda Hess. Where is Kabir’s country? The answer is elusive, as we journey through song and poem into these two lives, brought together in an unlikely friendship by the cross-cultural resonance of Kabir.

Koi Sunta Hai
Interweaving the folk music traditions of the mystic poet Kabir with the life and music of the late classical singer Kumar Gandharva, this film searches for that elusive sound, that jhini si awaaz, Kabir urges us to hear. Where does it resonate, that subtle sound? Journeying between folk and classical, oral and written, rural and urban expressions of this 15th century mystic poet of north India, the film finds moments of both continuity and rupture between these disparate worlds.

Road map of Yasin as a Painter
This 40 min film is about 84 years old Painter, Graphic Artist and ‘Allah-Om’ calligraphist Mohd.
Yasin, who has always fought with unfavourable circumstances and physical challenges. His strong will power paved a way for him to celebrate life through various colours of Art. Lalit Kala’s
prestigious Gold Plaque award winning artist Mohd. Yasin hails from Hyderabad. This film is an
attempt to reconnect the art world with a veteran artist whose search for himself is still going on.

Qalam Aatma
(18 Min 36 Sec, Colour, Feb,2012 Production)
QALAM-AATMA is an encounter with five international calligraphers during first International Calligraphy Festival which was held at India International Center in New Delhi by QALAMKARI TRUST in association with India International Center in Feb, 2012. Calligrapher Perin Pudumji Coyaji from Pune, India talks about her Avestan script which she has been trying to revive through her calligraphy work. Jyoti N. Eri from Japan talks about his Japanese and Chinese techniques of Calligraphy. He thinks writing is the deepest expression of his being. Mohd. Elbaz from Morocco considers calligraphy is important because writing is in danger. Elbas who uses bamboo reeds to do calligraphy is deeply inspired by Sufi poets of Arab world. Danish Agha the young calligrapher from New Delhi, India uses charcoal to make his calligraphy in three dimensional forms. Senior Calligrapher Anis Siddiqui from India uses calligraphy to give light mood to the world which is full of pain and tensions. He feels regret when he finds modern technology creating a unprecedented threat to the hand written scripts.



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