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The Pavilion of the Silent Reflection for Auroville Botanical Gardens
Inspiration / Aspiration:

In my experience, a masterpiece Japanese garden is a living poetry.

The Pavilion of Silent Reflection is an attempt to create a Japanese garden pavilion, garden, and meditative/poetic atmosphere by using the existing
natural and human resources of the Auroville Bio-region.

In traditional Japanese architectural and landscaping science it is known that “Gardens and the Buildings are of One Existence – 庭屋一如,” but this
is very often neglected in our present time, especially with the strong influence of modern architecture. One Existence doesn’t mean they are the same, but that they each have a different raison d’etre and are complementary to each other.
In this project we would like to set this idea as a core theme in order to manifest the intention to bring harmony between the various dualities of existence, such as: building and garden, human and nature, and the male and female principles in Nature.

Hopefully this project’s efforts will result in the greater unity between nature and man to truly become One Nature so as to manifest the higher consciousness in matter without the denial of the knowledge from the past.

J-M-S Project [Yunnan, China]
Jing Mai Shan2J-M-S project is a renovation project for the tea factory, residence and tea house in Yunnan province in China. Swastika – ONE ASIA studio – offered a basic renovation proposal and architectural and landscaping design. This place has government environmental restriction, therefore we had to follow the traditional building style in this region. It was a great learning experience.

[更紗:Block Prints by Swastika]
Swastika-ONE ASIA studio is making some unique natural dye block print fabrics with Indian village artisans. More patterns will arrive in coming weeks. Anyone interested?
[for detailed information and query contact: [email protected]]

[Bronze Lotus Statues]
These are some collaboration pieces with a skilled bronze statue artisan Baskar K. Ramachandran. We held many meetings to discuss details and now happy with the result.
H. 45 ~ 50 cm. W 26cm
Photo by Ireno Guerci, Auroville


[A minor landscaping work in Japanese Tsuboniwa style in South India]
It is a private residence in South India. The request from the owner was to create a Japanese style inner garden (Tsuboniwa-坪庭) in this abandoned area in the house.

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