About ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei


ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei

is a two weeks Asian collective cultural program dedicated to the manifestation of Human Unity. It is organized by the ONE ASIA project that is based in a Universal Township in making called Auroville, South India.
This is our 3rd ONE ASIA cultural program and the first time to be held in Taiwan!
28 artists are coming together from all over Asia.


The program consists:

  • International Conference for Asian Performing Arts – 2nd November
  • Stage Performance at Taiwan National Theater – 1st November
  • Stage Performance at National Taiwan Normal University – 31st October
  • “An Offering to Mahasaraswati” – a contemporary stage performance – 5th November
  • 10 days Workshop includes Dance, Music, Calligraphy, Tea ceremony etc.
  • Indian Miniature Painting Exhibition – 29th October
  • Sanskrit & Hindi Calligraphy Exhibition – 27th & 28th October
  • Asian Sustainable Architecture Conference – 31st October
  • Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience and Beginner’s class 26th, 27th 28th, 31st October, 1st & 2nd November
  • and more…

ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei Participating Artists:

Performing Arts
Wu Xin-Fei – Nanguan music – Taiwan
Wu I-Fang – Contemporary dance – Taiwan
Sungpil Yang – Daeguen flute – Korea
Gwhonha Ryu – Keyboard – Korea
Jaeseung Sin – Traditional drum – Korea
Keiin Yoshimura – Kamigatamai dance – Japan
So Sugiura – Shamisen – Japan
Masako Ono – Indian/contemporary dance – Japan/India
Lakshman Das Baul – Baul Music – India
Grace Gitadelila – Contemporary dance – Auroville, India
Rashimi Bhatt – Tabla player – India
and more.

Visual Arts
Mahaveer Swami – Miniature painting – India
Qamar Dagar – Hindi/Urdu Calligraphy – India
Dharmesh Jadeja – Hindi/Sanskrit Calligraphy – Auroville, India
Nikheel Aphale – Hindi/Sanskrit Calligraphy – India
Tomoya Rikiishi – Video Mapping Artist – Japan
and more.

Tea Master
Gao Din-Shi – Taiwan
Bisgaard Soen Soren – Japan/Denmark
Marukyu-Koyamaen – Kyoto, Japan

Collaboration among Asian artists

Artistic exchange is a truly inspiring moment for the artists.
We are a creative laboratory for a new form of artistic expression.
Artists have non-verbal common language among themselves and it has universal value beyond nation, race, gender and any kind of limitations. That is why their sincere expression often touches deep in our heart and spirit.

“ONE ASIA 2012 in Delhi” Photo by Deva Image

About the ONE ASIA project

We are a non-commercial enterprise founded in 2010 by a Japanese social entrepreneur / artist, Jyoti Naoki Eri, who was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan and now a permanent resident in Auroville, India since 2005. Since the beginning this project it has been supported by his friends, artists, cultural connoisseurs and art lovers from all over the world.
Our aim is to present Asia’s cultural richness and profound spirituality to the world in order to create a dynamic cultural stream in the world.

Bridge Past and Future

For ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei, we invite performing artists and visual artists from both traditional and contemporary fields. Each artist will hold intensive workshops for students, public participants and participating artists.
During their two weeks commitment all the participants will have time to reflect on the diverse expression in Asian culture.
At the same time they may have a chance to discover a common creative source in Asian arts.

Totally Volunteer Basis

Our program is totally volunteer basis. All the participating artists are joining us for sharing their skill and experience with others. Therefor we charge only minimum fee for workshop and concerts to cover the expenses.

Free for Students

To contribute our work for educational institute is one of our primary tasks. Specially we focus on the importance of mutual learning therefore the workshop is offered free for the Students.

We need your support!

To enable this event we need to raise total 40,836 USD (= 1,242,161 NTD)
So far a few generous institutes and individual donors contributed some funds.

We still need to raise 15,709 USD (= 477,845 NTD)

Your Contribution

will be the fuel to drive our motivation forward to manifest this event. Our two previous events were both successful at many levels. This is the reason that many participating artists and staffs are continuously supporting this program. We are growing like a snowball. We wish to be an effective Unity movement platform and your participation is necessary.
Please donate from HERE and be part of our adventure!

Challenges for the Change

is rich in culture and nature. People are kind and open to welcome foreigners. Taiwan has unique historical background and the understanding of its history is controversial. Because of this background many foreign government institutes are reluctant to be involved in political and economic activities in Taiwan.
In this regard we cannot expect active support from foreign government institutes for funding for this particular event.
On the other hand it is the chance for us freedom loving individuals to help support such an event to bring fluid unity spirit in spite of dead-lock national conflicts. It is a chance for individuals to be part of the change.

Human Unity:
In today’s world Human Unity is still a challenging category for fundraising as it is not yet broadly recognized in the mainstream for social responsibility activity.
Here we are bringing art & culture as the key to open the door of deep mutual understanding with our neighbor countries.
We would like to bring this subject more to the forefront  in our society in order to help to manifest Unity in Diversity in this difficult period of human history.

“ONE ASIA 2010 in AurovillePhoto by ONE ASIA archive

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