How to Donate


All the activities of ONE ASIA project are sustained by the generous donation from all over the world.
We very much appreciate your financial support to continue our activities which are all dedicated to the realisation of Human Unity.
Please find the remittance details below. Thank you very much for your support!

1) Quick Donation through Auroville Donation Gateway (Domestic/International)
Please specify “ONE ASIA project” under the check box of “Specific Auroville Project”.


Step 1: Choose your card type
Donation step1

Step 2: Check “Specific Auroville projects” and write “ONE ASIA project”
Donation step2

Step 3: Fill the boxes and,

Step 4: Click “Submit”.

*In case you encounter difficulties, just send a note to [email protected]


2) Bank Transfer through State Bank of India (Domestic/International) – 銀行口座番号

*Please specify the purpose “Donation to ONE ASIA project”. Then please write us an e-mail to [email protected] when you transfer the donation. (We will not be informed from the bank when the money arrives)
From Abroad(インド国外から/印度外):
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Branch Code: 03160
A/C Holder: Auroville Unity Fund Foreign
A/c Number: 10237876508
Beneficiary: Auroville Unity Fund
Postal address: Auroville International Township Branch
Main Road Auroville, Kuilapalayam-PO, Auroville 605 101, Tamil Nadu-INDIA
Purpose: Donation for ONE ASIA project

From inside India:
MICR code: 60 500 2007
A/c with: State Bank of India
Branch: Auroville International Township Branch
Address: Kuilapalayam, Auroville, 605101, India
A/c Holder: Auroville Unity Fund Main
A/c Number: 10237876031
Purpose: Donation to ONE ASIA project

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