Pottery connection

Hello friends. Since the beginning of the year some pottery connection start to be more active.
ONE ASIA project is focusing on some pottery exchange programs right now.
It will be nice to hold a few weeks programs for the Asian(and of course non-Asian) potters.

Now we are looking at the possibility of the sponsors for this event. If you have any information, please kindly contact us to [email protected]

2 thoughts on “Pottery connection

    1. jyoti Post author

      Hello Madeleine, We are trying to establish permanent pottery program and also for other traditional handicrafts. Networking of artists in residency is one of them.
      There are quite a few A.I.R. studios in Asia for pottery. Also we aim to help to connect traditional pottery and contemporary pottery.
      Hope we are answering to your question. Warmly, from Page admin.


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