“Nikheel was Here”.

“Nikheel was Here”.
Thank you for leaving your beautiful calligraphy of the poet Kabir’s famous “Jhini Jhini Bini Chadariya” in Swastika. It added a special charm to the building. Our special thanks goes to the Colours of Nature, Auroville for offering us this special opportunity to use the natural colour pigments.

This body is nothing but clothing on the soul, as scriptures state it. In Sri Bhagwadgita it is said that as we drop one old cloth and wear a new one, so our soul drops its body when it gets too old and torn and gets a new one. But what this cloth is made of? Kabir says this cloth (chadar, shawl) is made by thin linings. What are the Tana(Warp) and Bana(Weft) and which thread is used to weave this cloth? Ingala (one nadi of three main nadees i.e. Ingala, Pingala and Sushmana) and Pingala are like taana and baana (linings of weaver’s tool on which he weaves cloths) and Sushmana thread is used to weave it. In this cloth, there are eight lotuses flowering (corresponding to eight chakras), and ten doors (charkha, exit organs of body ), five elements (earth, water,air, fire and ether) and three gunas (SAT, RAJ and TAM). My Lord weaved this great cloth in ten months (fertilization to full grown fetus or baby of human being). He made it with great love and care. All deities, humans and monks wore this cloth and made it dirty. Blessed is Kabir who wore it with great care and put it down as pure as it was given to him by Lord. This clothing is not only this physical body but all layers of the soul. We get our body dirty and wash it with soap and water, but what about the filth of mind and heart?? We should keep cleaning them as well by doing meditation and devotion to Lord, so we could submit this soul as pure as he has made it.

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