SWASTIKA – ONE ASIA studio – ….Work in Progress….


SWASTIKA -ONE ASIA studio – is one of our social activity projects in Auroville, South India that includes: Cultural event facility, Artist-in-Residence, Gallery space, Tea Ceremony space, Handicraft research and more.
We invite your donation to support to realize this project which we are planning to open it to the public in the middle of 2015.

進行中的活動 SWASTIKA— ONE ASIA的工作室,是我們在南印度曙光之城的社會活動專案之一,計畫包括:文化設施、藝術家駐點、畫廊空間、茶會空間、手工藝等等。我們邀請您的捐助支持並了解我們的計畫,這項計畫將於2015年公開化。


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