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Callifest 2015

Callifest Pune Invitation CardCalifest Chart Poster
I will be in Pune for the 3rd edition of international calligraphy event called “Callifest” which is organized by a leading calligraphy artist/teacher Achyut Palav. Even though their focus this time is Indian scripts I was invited as a chief guest. What an honor! I’m bringing new art works for this exhibition. If you are in/around Pune please come. If you know anybody in Pune please help to spread the word.



Kyoto in Autumn

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[Kyoto in Autumn]
I was in Kyoto for 10 days in order to prepare the next cultural program in 2016. During the trip I could meet with many beautiful people. We are planning the event around this time period of the year that is one of the best season of Kyoto. Will you join?

Wan-Din-Tang Tea House

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One of the leading organic tea farmers and a talented tea master in Taiwan Mr Gao Din-Shi’s carved calligraphy boards were delivered in his new tea house at the suburb of Taipei. This tea house was designed by Mr Lin the owner of the renowned Shi-Yang-Shang-Fang restaurant. It was a great honor for me to do this work for this great human being and also in this island where so many calligraphy masters live. Thank you Mr Gao for maintaining the authentic tea culture in Taiwan.