Monthly Archives: October 2015

A New Narrative


Our new textile project with natural die block print will be soon ready to present. We are slowly and carefully proceeding the process as we consider the dialogue with artisans very important. It will lead us to a new narrative of today. We are aiming that that is alive, inspiring and long-lasting as we believe a genuine sustainability is a profound mutual joy.

Coming Soon!


We are happy to announce that Swastika -ONE ASIA studio- is almost complete! By the help of many friends, supporter and well wishers we could reach to this point. Some minor works are still remaining, but we are so happy to see its manifestation.
ONE ASIA project のスタジオ、「スワスティカ」がほぼ完成に近づきました。沢山の皆様のご支援をいただき、ここまでたどり着きました。皆様どうもありがとうございます。