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Indian Miniature Painting by Mahaveer Swami

Here is another fruits from the collaboration with Master Mahaveer Swami from Bikaner, Rajastan. He painted Damo(菩提達磨), legendary the founder of Zen tradition and the discoverer of tea plant in ancient China and also the fine botanical painting of Camellia Sinensis(茶樹:Tea Plant).
The works are traveling soon. They will be exhibited in a tea museum in China that currently in the making process.
We are honored to initiate/coordinate such meaningful project.

[Video] Four Seasons-Taiko Performance in Auroville

Four Seasons Vimeo
Trailer (2 min 24 sec):
Full Length (31 min 44 sec):

On the auspicious day, 8th of August 2015 a collaborative drum performance took place in Auroville, South India.
A young Taiko drummer Yuhei Motoyama from Japan performed with Grace Gitadelila, Anandi Casanova, Oscar Jareño Sandoval, Idoia Manrique Alcaraz, Prakash Sathiya, Tahir & Eric and Terra.

Direction & Script: Jyoti Naoki Eri
Videography: Sasikanth Somu & Londen Tenzin
Photography: Rajeev Shankar
Edit: Sasikanth Somu & Jyoti Naoki Eri
Light & Sound: Jean Legrand
Organized by: Japan Foundation – New Delhi, The ONE ASIA project, Bharat Nivas, Svaram
Auroville, 2015

Motoyama Poster
Taiko Performance in Auroville, TN, India
A Collaborative Stage Performance Hosted by Yuhei Motoyama from Japan
with Grace & Terra, Oskar & Idoia, Prakash, Anandi, Tahir & Eric and more
Venue: Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, The International Zone of Auroville
Date & Timing: on 8th August from 8pm
Organised by Japan Foundation, New Delhi/ONE ASIA project/Bharat Nivas/Svaram

Kashi – the threshold –

IMG_0670 2
I am sharing 5 minute short film about my recent trip to Varanasi.
It was a memorable moment and filled by creative inspirations. My intention to create this film is to compile and share the special moment.
Varanasi is ancient and sacred, at the same time the life is strongly anchored to the Present. Spontaneous beauty of Varanai – the City of Light – is something remarkable and incomparable. I hope you will enjoy this film. Music too was recorded during this trip. It is a bit rough but carries the spirit of the Moment.