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Thank you!

ONE ASIA logo2We would like to express our gratitude to all the donors contributed for the non-profit Asian cultural program “ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei”.

We have raised total 24,995 USD (1,542,402 INR / 761,662 NTD) that is 62 % of total required amount. It includes donation from organizations and individuals from all over the world.

Our IndieGoGo campaign is closed but we still welcome your donation from this channel:
We heartily appreciate your support to this event which is dedicated to the realisation of Human Unity.

Thank you everyone!!

[ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei Participants] Mr Gao Din-Shi 高定石


Mr Gao Din-Shi (高定石) is a leading organic tea farmer and Zen practitioner in Taiwan. He has started organic farming 20 years ago while many tea farmers were not aware of the danger of chemical fertilizer and pesticide. During last two decades gradually he has gained supports of his tea in all over the world. Today his highly developed permaculture tea garden is producing delicious organic tea with full of Chi/Prana.
Mr Gao will kindly conduct a tea ceremony during ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei. 多謝高先生!

Preparing ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei pt2


One of our project partners for “ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei”, Banmu-tang group -半畝塘- is a unique architecture company.
They integrate Chinese traditional knowledge in building design and promotes natural life style for their customers and their own staff. In last Monday early morning ONE ASIA team participated to their weekly permaculture farming experience. We had great fun together and it was an eye-opener to glimpse the deep thoughts behind their holistic sense of aesthetic.

Preparing ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei


Uhan Shii International Cultural Co-operation Company(歡喜國際文化事業有限公司) is one of our project partners for “ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei”. They are very efficient and professional in performing arts organization work. We really appreciate all their dedicated commitment. Looking forward to see all of you in October 2014!