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New Article “The Golden dream of the Silk Road – 黄金夢的丝绸之路”

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Many artifacts in 正倉院 Shō-sō-in treasure house still appear fresh and inspiring. As an artist, I’ve visited Nara frequently to research artifacts of the Asuka (飛鳥) and Nara Period (白鳳、天平Hakuhō and Tempyō era). Those were the times when Japan had experienced active cultural exchanges with the Eurasian continent and the Korean peninsula as well as with the islands of South East Asia. It is well-known that antiquities in Japan are well preserved. Especially Shō-sō-in where their condition is remarkable.
The annual 正倉院 Shō-sō-in exhibition in Nara National museum that takes place every autumn is one of the most inspiring experiences both for artists and art lovers…..
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