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Caravan of Beauty

Ceramic camels from Tang dynasty.
We are the caravans in eternal search of Beauty.
Pilgrim to all directions in one cosmic garden.

朝聖十方世界於一個的宇宙花園 at 中國意象、台中


Meet the masters in Taipei

Meet the masters.
Urushi lacquer master Akito Akagi from Japan and the master photographer Tsai Yon-He from Taiwan at the opening of Akagi san’s exhibition at Cans Tea Book house, Taipei.
開幕茶事的照片。日本漆芸老師・赤木明登興台湾写真藝術老師・蔡永和 at 罐子茶書館、台北



Certified Urasenke school Japanese Tea Ceremony master Soen Kailash Bisgaard lives in Kyoto for nearly four decades. He teaches Chanoyu – the Way of Tea – to foreign students and Japanese students at his tea room near Ginkakuji, Kyoto. He and his students participated to ONE ASIA 2010 in Auroville. This is the recent photo at his tea room with his student from Chile.