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Brief introduction about the ONE ASIA project

Here is a brief introduction about the ONE ASIA project by “Tea” Magazine in Taiwan.

“The concept of ONE ASIA is taking its initial step from South India
Jyoti Naoki Eri was brought up in an honorable artist family in Kyoto. Influence by the fine arts of traditional Japanese aesthetics, he started to explore the essence of the long-lasting beauty. Having visited India, Nepal and Tibet, then Jyoti Naoki Eri chose to settle in Auroville, South India in 2005. At the tea room designed and built by himself, he study calligraphy while reading and contemplates. In 2010, he started the “ONE ASIA project”, calling great Asian artists to bringing to an integrated development within Asia in order to present its profound art and culture to the today’s world.
Since 2010 when the “ONE ASIA project” put into practice, lots of musicians, dancers, poets, visual artists, tea masters, martial art masters, Sufi and Zen masters and Ikebana masters joined to this program from various countries. Jyoti hopes that the ”ONE ASIA project” can bring more traditional/contemporary artists together to create a new cultural and spiritual diversity. The ”ONE ASIA project” aims to serve as a cultural exchange platform of sharing and learning. The common aesthetic sense arising from the inner Oneness will bring human beings into more bright, genuine and meaningful living in our new era.”