“I met a well known block print fabric maker in Ajrakpur in Bhuj. His name is Sufiyan Khatri -son of renowned master craftsman Dr. Ismail Mohammad Khatri. It was a short visit but really an inspiring moment. Thank you Sufiyan for your heartwarming welcome!” JNE

Jonathan Kay


Thanks to Jonathan & Shayna Kay for passing by and played a soothing Shakuhachi piece at Swastika – ONE ASIA studio.
Jonathan is a virtuosic multi-woodwind instrumentalist from Canada. He is a well known Indo-Jazz musician and currently studies Shakuhachi in Japan.
Here is the link to his website: http://www.jonathankay.ca

Natural Indigo Art Project

L1020146 (1)
Our natural Indigo art project continues with kind support of the Colours of Nature, Auroville. It’s so refreshing to explore this beautiful gift from the nature. We are planning to exhibit some artworks in this Autumn. Stay tuned!

New Arrivals

Our new collections of Ayurvedic handmade incense have arrived. Now we have brand new original blend incense and also Agar wood. It is a joint project with Meditations, Kyoto and Mereville, Auroville. Package design was done by Swastika – ONE ASIA studio. For mail order please check http://www.meditations.jp  They will be shipped to worldwide.

A photo exhibition of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Japan at BHU, Varanasi

[A photo exhibition of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Japan at BHU, Varanasi, “Supported by City of Kyoto”]
Ishita -one of the most active NGOs in Varanasi- and the ONE ASIA project from Auroville have jointly coordinated a photo exhibition of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Japan at BHU in Varanasi. All the photos were taken by the renowned Japanese photographer Mr Kazuyoshi Miyoshi. This exhibition is traveling all over the world through the sponsorship of the Japan Foundation.
This exhibition starts today(25th from 11am) and will be held until 18th March. Please visit if you are in Varanasi or share this information to your family and friends in/around the city.
写真展がヴァラナシのベナレス・ヒンドゥー大学にて執り行われます。本日25日から3月18日まで同大学の視覚芸術ギャラリーにて展示されます。この展覧会は国際交流基金の主導で世界を巡回しており今回はヴァラナシの NGOであるIshitaとともにthe ONE ASIA projectがコーディネーションをお手伝いさせていただきました。[後援: 京都市]

Stop by Tea house-串門子茶館

Our lotus incense burner was safely delivered to “Stop by Tea house in Taipei-串門子茶館”. This tea house is run by Mr Shen – a well known product designer in Taiwan. He has hosted a music and tea ceremony program during ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei. It is nice to see our product became part of his collection. Thank you Mr Shen and the Stop by team!
蓮の花の香炉が台北の串門子茶館に収まりました。オーナーの沈さんは台湾では有名なプロダクト・デザイナーでお店には内外からのコレクションが展示されています。ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei以来のご縁です。沈さんどうもありがとうございました!