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Swastika – The ONE ASIA studio in Auroville – is one of our social activity projects including; Cultural event facility, Artist-in-Residence, Gallery space, Tea Ceremony space, Handicraft research etc. Now the construction work is going on and we are planning to open it to the public at the beginning of 2015.

Total cost to start this studio is 35,00,000 INR (58,536 USD / 43,059 EURO / 5,976,116 JPY)
Until now 75% of the total amount was raised (28th April 2015).
Thanks for the kind contribution!

SWASTIKA postcard-s

Swastika will be run by your kind donation. Your financial contribution is most welcome.
[Donation to Swastika – the ONE ASIA studio]

For any query please write to: contact@oneasiaproject.org

2 thoughts on “About Swastika

  1. Ines Sun

    I am an artist working and living in New York City. I will be very interested in participating your culture venue. I had owned a tearoom in Chelsea For 10 years. Please contact me for related projects that I can help. Best. Ines

    1. jyoti Post author

      Thanks Ines for the contact. We are based in an international township called Auroville, South India.
      Our new art studio cum tea house will be launched soon.
      It has artists in residency area as well.
      In your tea house you were serving oriental tea?
      I have seen your website now. I like your works. I like bamboo/cherry series. Congrats!

      In case if you have your other web links please let me know.

      We also have our FB page:

      Here is my artist page:http://jyotinaokieri.com/

      Warmly Jyoti


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