Wang Xin-Xin

Wang Xin-Xin from Taiwan performs Nanguan Music in ONE ASIA 2012 in Delhi on “20th December 2012″.
She was born in Quanzho, Fujian, Wang Xinxin began learning Nanguan music at the age of four and then graduated from the Department of Nanguan Music, Fujian Academy of Arts, mastering many musical instruments and famous for her singing.
Wang Xin-Xin worked before as music director for the Han Tang Yuefu Ensemble and now as art director for the Sing Sing Nanguan Company. In 1995, she won the Annual Golden Tripod Award for the Best Singer. In 2004, Nostalgia in Moonlight won for her the Taiwan Golden Melody Award for The Best Aboriginal Popular Music Album Award, while she herself was nominated for the Best Album Producer Award.
In recent years, Wang Xin-Xin has been teaching in the Graduate Institute of Musicology at National Taiwan University, the Chinese Music Department at National Taiwan University of Arts, the Graduate School of Theatre Performance and the Department of Traditional Music at Taipei National University of the Arts.

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