[Video] Four Seasons-Taiko Performance in Auroville

Four Seasons Vimeo
Trailer (2 min 24 sec): https://vimeo.com/136848285
Full Length (31 min 44 sec): https://vimeo.com/136802265

On the auspicious day, 8th of August 2015 a collaborative drum performance took place in Auroville, South India.
A young Taiko drummer Yuhei Motoyama from Japan performed with Grace Gitadelila, Anandi Casanova, Oscar Jareño Sandoval, Idoia Manrique Alcaraz, Prakash Sathiya, Tahir & Eric and Terra.

Direction & Script: Jyoti Naoki Eri
Videography: Sasikanth Somu & Londen Tenzin
Photography: Rajeev Shankar
Edit: Sasikanth Somu & Jyoti Naoki Eri
Light & Sound: Jean Legrand
Organized by: Japan Foundation – New Delhi, The ONE ASIA project, Bharat Nivas, Svaram
Auroville, 2015

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