Taipei – Kyoto trip

10245345_684840838310008_6250985509511185235_nAt the last day of my stay in Japan, I met two inspired people in Kyoto.
The person in the middle is the 10th Genvey Yamaguchi who is the owner of handcrafted Kimono belt maker which was established in 1738. His new project about the Oshima Ikat weaver’s community is really inspiring. He is one of the major power houses of today’s Kyoto culture. The person right side is Yusuke Nakanishi who is the co-organizer of the international photo festival “KyotoGraphie”. The 3rd edition was just successfully completed this year.
Now it is the time to prepare for the next ONE ASIA cultural exchange program.

11391189_679900642137361_7287299360787845745_nJust happened to be part of Japanese Tea ceremony beginner’s class in Kyoto for the American students in Doshisha University.
Tea master Soren Kailash Bisgaard is a supporter and participants since the first ONE ASIA cultural exchange program. Thanks for the inspiration and keeping the spirit alive.

10478798_677982072329218_4956627175326659300_nSafely landed in monsoon Taipei. I’m already having nice sessions with friends who offered dedicated support to ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei.
The other day I had an occasion to meet Ani Choyin from Nepal and her musicians. I was happy to offer a Japanese tea ceremony to Ani and her group.
The ONE ASIA project offered a symbolic amount 5,000 NTD (=160 USD) for Nepal Earthquake relief.
Then Mr Gao Din-shi offered his excellent Taiwanese red tea from this year. It was a mile stone tea of my experience of his tea.
We enjoyed brilliant Agar wood incenses from the collection of Shin-an Incense studio until the mid night. Then the hot spring experience.

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